Next Generation Project

The ‘Next Generation’ initiative was an intervention against child labour, trafficking and the incidence of migration of young girls to engage in exploitative employment (eg. Kayayei) among fostered girls in the Northern region of Ghana. Large numbers of children are ‘fostered’ under a customary practice whereby[…]

Traditional Rulers in Democratization

With a broad aim of enhancing the capacity of chiefs and traditional institutions of governance to meet the challenges of contemporary national development needs and challenges, this project was designed and implemented from 2005 to 2008 with support from Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA)[…]

Improving Educational Governance & Accountability

Northern Ghana is the most poverty endemic area in Ghana with limited natural resource endowment for alternative viable livelihood opportunities, but human resource development through education has promised the greatest […]

Dema min Lebgimsin (Development Through Sports)

RAINS believes sports and recreation present a platform for the development and connection of the youth to duty-bearers in a larger society. The organization drives its inspiration from the unity and prestige sports brings to Ghanaians more than any other national event[…]


The Climate Change Adaptation in Northern Ghana Enhanced (CHANGE) project seeks to address the urgent need for smallholder farmers in northern Ghana; to understand the causes and effects of climate change; and to embrace innovative adaptive measures to[…]

Childhood Regained Project

Childhood Regained Project (CRP) focuses on reducing child labour and exploitation, as there are many children in rural communities in northern Ghana who are engaged in hazardous labour or at risk of migrating to the south of the country in search of […]

Enhancing Social Inclusion in Local Governance

In an effort to engage citizens, the Ghanaian government has implemented decentralization in the local government system. The purpose is to create a decentralized, non-partisan, & administrative arm of government, providing citizen’s the opportunity to participate in decision making[…]