posted by: RAINS on January 15, 2020

The Strategic Approaches to Girls’ Education (STAGE) is a project being funded by UKAID under the “Leave No Girl Behind (LNGB)” programme of its Girls’ Education Challenge window II. The goal of the project is to support educationally marginalized girls to improve their lives through education by achieving and acquiring literacy and numeracy skills; relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for life and work. The project is a five years project with a target of 20,100 marginalized girls.

RAINS work with six (6) other NGOs in implementing the two tracks of the project; formal and non-formal tracks with World Education Inc leading the implementation of the STAGE project in 7 regions of Ghana.  The project aims at achieving three outcomes; Learning, Transition and Sustainability – with strategies including community mobilization, safeguarding, enhancing numeracy and literacy and life skills and vocational skills development.

Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) is a component of the project design aimed at achieving the outcome Learning. ALP is designed to help the identified educational marginalized girls to learn basic numeracy, literacy and life skills in their mother tongue.

On the 8th January 2020, RAINS formally launched the Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) under the non-formal track in a community event, in Tampuaya, Nanumba South, to mark the start of the Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP).

In attendance was the Executive Director, Hardi Tijani, Programs Manager, Wedad Sayibu, Child Protection officer, Ragadahu Wahab, MEL Officer Dawuda Mohammed Hamisu, Representative of District Director of Education Yakubu Suhununu, District Girl Child Officer Akumbisah Mary, Chief of Tampuaya Naa Dawuni Nanundoo and his elders.

Naa Dawuni Nanundoo welcomed RAINS to Tampuaya and expressed his gratitude for the STAGE project. He stated the STAGE project will help of schoolgirls acquire vocational skills and encouraged the beneficiaries to give their best for the project.

Executive Director, Hardi Tijani, on his part thanked the chief and people for the warm welcome. The massive attendance at this launch signified that the project has already succeeded in this community, as community support is key to project success, he said. He stated that when the girls acquire vocational skills, graduate from the STAGE project, and are engaged in some form of work, that is a step towards the fight against poverty. He admonished the community members to support the project irrespective of whether they have their children as part of the beneficiaries or not.

Madam Akumbisah Mary said the ideal situation would have been that girls will go to school and complete successfully. She admonished parents to allow the girls to continue till graduation and not give them out in marriage. She asked parents to allow their children to attend the ALP, although they may need their support on their farms.  She advised learners to be serious and work hard to ensure maximum benefit from the ALP and the vocational skills component of the project. This, she stated, will contribute meaningfully to their own development and that of their communities.   

Mr. Yakubu Suhununu, on behalf of the District Director of Education, expressed his gratitude to RAINS and World Education Inc. He stated that they are always delighted to have organizations show interest and helping to better the education of children especially girl children in the district because that is their core mandate. He called on the community to support the project to succeed in the community and not to leave it in the hands of only parents of beneficiary girls. On behalf of the District Director, Mr. Yakubu Suhununu, duly launched the STAGE ALP.

The Programmes Manager, Wedad Sayibu, made a presentation of learning materials compressing of primers, exercise books, pencils, erasers to the chief of the community for use by the learners.