posted by: RAINS on September 6, 2019

Meet Bakisun Ndolignan, a six-year-old student who hails from Bachabordo community in the Mion district of northern Ghana. She is currently a student of Bachabordo EP primary school. She lives with both parents who earn their livelihood through farming and rearing livestock. Bakisun is the youngest of seven siblings.

Bakisun is a new child ambassador for the RAINS and Canadian Feed the Children (CFTC) sponsorship program, and she feels very excited to be representing her community and school. She says she enjoys school because she gets to see her friends, play with them, and learn new things. According to Bakisun, the community and the school are facing some challenges that need to be addressed by government and civil society organizations. Some of these challenges have to do with the lack of textbooks and storybooks for use, upkeep of their classrooms, and the issue of water shortages during the dry season. These challenges make it more difficult to enjoy the best part of her community, which she says is her school.

When asked why she thinks education is important, Bakisun says that education makes people actualize their dreams, and it also enlightens them. Her favourite part about going to school is when she gets to play with her friends and mates. She also enjoys learning the alphabet.

More than 70% of CFTC funds for RAINS come from sponsorships. Under sponsorships, profiles of ambassadors are used to raise funds from institutions and individuals in Canada. Bakisun’s dream is to become a nurse so that she can provide healthcare for her parents and the community at large. She says that she believes through education, with the support of RAINS/CFTC and her family, this dream of hers will come true one day.

Through RAINS’ project, INCOME, our goal is to empower communities and individuals to strive for sustainable development through quality education delivery for rural pupils. We are ecstatic to be able to share the voices and experiences of our beneficiaries, those such as Bakisun Ndolignan , in hopes of inspiring and enabling others to create change. After all, they are our future!