posted by: Justice Atiim on June 21, 2019

Women from the first cohort of Street Business School in Ghana met with the CEO of Hope for Children (UK), Murielle Maupoint in Laogri-Kukua in the West Mamprusi Municipality this week. Hope for Children (UK) is a long standing partner of RAINS. The women are among 50 who are about 6 weeks away from graduating from the first SBS program in Ghana, which is being jointly implemented by RAINS and Hope for Children through the CASE project. The women gathered shared some of what they have learned from their first four modules and how the changes they are making to their businesses are changing their lives. These included stories of how they had successfully implemented lessons they had learned, learning to track their profit and reinvest that profit into new product lines, and how their increased business success has in turn positively impacted the lives of their children. One participant explained how the training helped her to identify underserved markets in selling toffees and locally made drinks, and that expanding her products means that she no longer has days where she isn’t able to make a sale. Another participant shared how growing her business has helped her to become more self-reliant, and that she no longer needs to turn to others for financial help in paying for things like her children’s school fees or medicine.

Women shared stories of what they had learned and how those lessons are transforming their businesses every day.

The SBS program is a six-month training programme that aims to transform the lives of women living in poverty by increasing their confidence and entrepreneurial skills so that they can in-turn provide secure access to education and healthcare for their children and lift their families out of poverty. Maupoint says from this meeting she was interested in seeing how the SBS program has expanded upon the existing entrepreneurial spirit of participants. “Before you had a group of women who were running businesses, and now they are businesswomen, which means they understand about profit and loss, they understand about markets, how to research, bookkeeping, analyzing different product lines, and determining which ones are profitable and which ones aren’t, So now they are business women, operating with a level of sophistication that should actually help them build their business.”

Street Business School program includes modules to train women in identifying business opportunities, finding sources of capital, and maintaining reliable business records. RAINS is looking forward to celebrating with the women when they become the first Ghanaian SBS graduates in a few weeks time and watching how they will take what they have learned to continue to sustainably support themselves, their families, and their communities.