posted by: RAINS on March 12, 2020

Meet Asana Issah, a 15-year-old girl who is eager to stay in school. As one of our beneficiaries for the Community Action and Support for Education (CASE) Project, Asana was excited to share her story. She had dropped out of school at the age of 11 when the burden for her care on her caregiver, her grandmother became unbearable. Her sister, Fuseina Issah also dropped out of school as a result.

Asana’s parents got separated earlier and both of them left their community. While she was still out of school, Asana got enrolled into the Transitional Education class in her community run by RAINS as part of the CASE project to give her and many children like her another chance to enroll into formal education. Using the pedagogical approaches of the Complimentary Basic Education, learners after nine months are transitioned into formal schools. A total of 75 children have been transitioned into formal schools since the CASE project started in 2017.

Asana got enrolled into class 6 after completing the 9 months learning in numeracy and literacy delivered in her mother tongue.

After four years of Asana’s return to school, one of her biggest challenges is being unsure of how she will continue in school with no support– financially.  However, Asana continues to fight any obstacles in her way as she pursues her education. She said,

“I feel very happy now that I am in school because when I was not in school, I was always sad and feeling pity for myself especially when I see my colleagues going to school. I mostly spent time at the family farm and engaged in doing other works. I saw the school life and knew it would give me a better lifestyle. Now that I am in school, I want to have a meaningful life in the future and be able to support my parents. I hope to be a nurse.”

Asana, second person on the left, amongst her friends during their break time.

She continued to discuss how her school and RAINS have supported her with her learning and with getting books, sandals, bags, and being involved in children club activities. In fact, Asana has taken a lot of responsibility as she is the now the Girl’s prefect of her school and comes to school early everyday because she has the keys for the administration office and the classes. She advises other girls, “They should go to school for education because it is very important”.

It is important to RAINS to highlight stories like those of Asana’s in order to inspire other students who need to pursue their education and ambitions. The CASE project, implemented in partnership with Hope for Children (UK) aims to improve the quality of education and retention of children, especially girls in Northern Ghana. Our aim is to have girls push for change and stand up for what they want. Asana has pushed through many obstacles and continues to do so. She ensured that her sister also returned to school. Asana now goes to school everyday, participates, takes responsibility, and enjoys her time learning with her friends. Never stop pushing for the change you want to see. Like Asana, change starts when you pursue it yourself!

This project was funded with UK aid from the UK government.