RAINS believes sports and recreation present a platform for the development and connection of the youth to duty-bearers in a larger society. The organization drives its inspiration from the unity and prestige sports brings to Ghanaians more than any other national event.

However, among the effective ways to raise higher levels of youth involvement in sports and recreation is to attract people at tender age and retain them by creating appropriate, sustainable, opportunities that enable them to realise their full potentials. In this direction, RAINS-Tackle Africa partnership uses sport as a vector to create HIV/ AIDS awareness among the youth in rural communities through football coaching training program for 20 local coaches in the Northern region. Conveyance of HIV/AIDS protection and prevention messages which are embedded in football coaching drills is crucial to the development of productive life of the youth today. The idea behind this partnership is to spread the message of HIV/AIDS across several communities, thereby contributing to a reduction in morbidity of the disease. This is by no other means than sports which is widely adored by the youth. What is apparent about this partnership is that it also develops and enhances local coaches’ careers in football coaching through the coaching training modules.

The RAINS-Goal Ghana Development Through Sports project has produced child football clubs across all divisions in the Savelugu/Nanton Municipality and the Kumbugu District. That is the Under-12, 15 and 17 football divisions with future intentions to replicate it in several communities within Northern region. It is mobilizing rural communities and young people (boys and girls) in a manner that opens the frontiers to inclusive development. It also recognizes the power of soccer and recreation to the overall development of young people and helping to unearth talents in rural communities in Northern Ghana.

The Dinani Drama Group set up by RAINS is used as a platform for aiding development through drama and culture in deprived communities. The group communicates messages including Child rights, Sexual reproductive health and Communities participation. This is contributing to addressing child rights and the menace of teenage pregnancy in RAINS’ beneficiary communities.

RAINS as an organization therefore considers sports and drama as a means to building a strong character, self-esteem, self-confidence in young people and preparing them to be in a better position to meet the challenges of a competitive environment.