posted by: RAINS on October 10, 2019

Children Initiate Advocacy Engagement with District Stakeholders

A group of children from a number of communities including Loagri Kukua, Shelinvoya, Daboya no.2 and Nayorku communities in the West Mamprusi Municipality embarked on series of actions to promote the welfare and rights of children. These children came together to form a Children Assembly with the support of the Community Action and Support for Education (CASE) project funded with UK aid from the UK government and being implemented by RAINS in partnership with Hope for Children, UK and the Northern Network for Education Development. The Children Assembly is a child led advocacy group that meet monthly to discuss and take actions on issues that affect children in their communities.

On October 1st, the Children Assembly met with the District Authorities Walewale to discuss and draw the authorities’ attention to critical issues that affect them.  Their journey began at the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), an independent government agency, whose main function is to investigate human rights, anti-corruption, and administrative injustices and educate people about those issues. At the meeting, CHRAJ explained what they do and how they can help these students. The students brought forth issues they’ve witnessed and faced in their various communities. At the end of their meeting, the students had a clear understanding of what forms of assistance they can attain when needed.

Next, at the Municipal Assembly they brought forth their concerns about their education system and their communities. During the meeting, the students and representatives from the Municipal Assembly had an open discussion, assistance available, and progress made within communities. The children among others highlighted the deplorable nature of their communities’ roads, school infrastructure and the menace of Kayaye. At GES, they learnt about how GES operates, discussed issues faced in school, and a GES representative wrote them down and promised to take immediate action to address them.

We are proud of these confident and assertive group of children who are leading the advocacy for child protection and community development in their districts and communities. Not only did the children get the opportunity to meet the organizations critical to their communities’ development, but also got a chance to share and discuss matters that affect them. The children also took the opportunity to present to the various agencies and departments, the latest edition of their quarterly newsletter, dubbed: “Bihi Kukoya (The Children’s Voice)”.