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The Students for Schooling project aims to develop and implement a uniform & school equipment upcycling programme, between under privileged and privileged schools. Historically, many Ghanaian programs have been reliant on donations from abroad. Whilst this method of giving is positive, donations are unreliable, impersonal and environmentally harmful. By encouraging donations from within the Ghanaian communities themselves, charitable donations would become more reliable and environmentally friendly. On top of this, those giving the donations would be encouraged to be more aware of the good they can do themselves. In other words, rather than viewing “development” or “charity giving” as a primarily western responsibility, participants would be encouraged to take ownership of the development within their community themselves. The proposal by RAINS to create a uniform upcycling initiative reflects these goals. There are many children who are unable to afford a uniform to go to school in, but many more in priviledged schools who have more than they require. Ultimately, this project aims to remove some of the financial barriers to education for children in rural northern Ghana.

The project has already seen a lot of progress, with both donor and beneficiary schools visited to introduce them to the project, and donation boxes having already been sent and returned to the RAINS office filled with donated uniform. The next stages are to continue collecting uniform along with beginning the process of adapting the uniform to be suitable for the beneficiary schools to use. It is also hoped that the project can be expanded to recycling textbooks as well.

The project was one of 3 projects (Farming for Futures, Students for Schooling and Educating Children Through Culture) implemented by International Service volunteers, through the UK government's International Citizen Service scheme.

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