Educating Children Through Culture

The Educating Children Through Culture project aims to develop awareness of the causes of young girls dropping out of school and establish a sensitization campaign in order to improve knowledge of sexual and reproductive health in rural communities. Research has indicated that large numbers of female students dropped out of schools in the West Mamprusi area of Northern Ghana, emphasising the communities of Gbimsi, Wulugu and Nayorku as areas of particular concern. Within this research, teenage pregnancy was highlighted as a key factor causing girls to drop out of school early (before completing education to SHS level). The research found out that 20% of the respondents dropped out permanently as a direct result of early marriage and pregnancy. The main reason for this finding being lack of contraceptive awareness, with 76% of 43 young mothers interviewed unable to provide any extensive contraceptive knowledge.

A three way partnership has been established between RAINS, the traditional dance group-Dinani, and the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG). Dinani is a cultural dance group established by RAINS to benefit street children and youth from underprivileged backgrounds by providing dance training sessions every week day, so members can learn dance skills, discipline and life lessons in a friendly space of fun and support. The PPAG operates throughout Ghana providing contraceptives, abortion services, counselling and advice and have offices in Tamale and West Mamprusi, in the village of Kparigu. This partnership has enabled Dinani to develop performances that educate the people on sexual health and contraceptives through traditional African drumming and dancing. One performance has so far been performed in Gbimsi, with plans to host the performances in schools in the future in order to target young children more easily. Efforts are also currently underway to raise funds to buy professional outfits for Dinani.

The project is one of 3 projects (Farming for Futures, Students for Schooling and Educating Children Through Culture) being run by International Service volunteers, through the UK government's International Citizen Service scheme.

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