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The Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems (RAINS) is a Ghanaian registered non-governmental organization that works to promote a balance society by committing to the rights of the marginalized in society. Formed in 1993 RAINS has a long history of support to improve the lives of deprived communities and deprived sections of the society.  From initial work in advancing Girl Child Education, Child labour and Sanitation, the organization grew into an important force in Environmental Governance and enhancing livelihood options programs delivery. RAINS also provide services in the areas of Reducing Child Exploitation, Reproductive Health and the Promotion of Traditional Leadership in democratic governance. RAINS adopts integrated and multidisciplinary approach in development in a manner that provides linkage between the deprived and duty bearers and addresses problems in a holistic way.

In 2009, we took a strategic decision to combine service delivery and advocacy that seeks to empower communities to lead and take actions for sustainable change. We seek to put more emphasis on developing local level structures to enable them lead the change in their communities. For RAINS, real change will happen when communities are sufficiently mobilised to tackle issues that are of development significance to them. However we still recognise that in our work we will come across several issues that require ameliorative and indeed “a welfare” approach.

     Current Projects:

Childhood Regained



Dema min Lebgimsim

Student's for Schooling

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